The new stadium’s 22 private suites will include some of the finest luxury accommodations in the region. An excellent choice for entertaining guests or clients, each private suite will combine the ultimate sporting and entertainment experience with the best views in the new stadium. Private suites also will allow guests the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere of college football while taking advantage of the many amenities located in the indoor, climate-controlled area.

$35,000* – $40,000* – $45,000*

Includes season tickets, charitable donation, and premium parking.

*Available on 3, 5, or 7 year lease terms with 5%, 3%, or 1% annual cost escalators, respectively.


  • 290 square feet of climate-controlled lounge area
  • 16 seats, including 12 outside (with radiant heat overhead) and four inside, with capacity for five additional standing room-only tickets
  • Outdoor tiered chairback seating with armrests and beverage holders
  • Catered menu for purchase with expanded food and beverage choices
  • Exclusive elevator access through premium lobby
  • Private coat closet, refrigerator, and sink
  • Two flat-screen televisions
  • Complimentary game programs
  • Suite attendants 491-4666


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