When will the new stadium open?

Construction on the new stadium began in the fall of 2015 and is scheduled to be completed on-time in the summer of 2017. The first football game, Colorado State vs. Oregon State, is scheduled for Aug. 26, 2017.

Where will the new stadium be located on campus?

The stadium is being built between Lake and Pitkin streets on top of the old Meridian Avenue, in the southwest quadrant of campus.

How is the stadium being financed?

The stadium is financed by investors and donors and does not rely on any funding from tuition or state funding. Bond payments will be made from stadium revenues and private donations. Bonds for the new stadium sold in less than 90 minutes on March 19, and certain series of bonds within the package were as much as three times oversubscribed. The total bond package delivered a true interest rate of 3.57 percent.

What will become of Perc and the Last Parcel of the original college farm?

The Plant Environmental Research Center will be relocated from its 65-year-old greenhouses to a new, modern facility south of campus, at the corner of Bay Drive and Centre Avenue. Together with the City’s Gardens on Spring Creek, this will create a premier horticulture research park in the center of Fort Collins. Students and faculty will benefit from an updated space that can more fully meet the needs of CSU’s horticulture program, and the community will benefit from the strengthened connections between the PERC facility and the surrounding gardens and research programs.

How will CSU deal with the traffic problems created by a new stadium?

Under the intergovernmental agreement with the City of Fort Collins, CSU will pay for significant city infrastructure improvements to help with game-day traffic. Laurel, College, Elizabeth, and Shields streets will receive lane improvements and enhanced pedestrian crossings. In addition, CSU will work closely with the city to take advantage of Transfort and the new MAX line, adding additional buses on game days. Pedestrian and bicycle access will be improved, including a grade-separated crossing at Prospect Road. CSU also will continue to cover the cost of additional game-day law enforcement needed to direct and manage traffic. It is anticipated that greater numbers of students and community members will be able to walk, bike, or take alternative transportation to an on-campus stadium, helping to ease some of the traffic demand.

Will tailgating be allowed at the new stadium?

Yes, tailgating will be permitted at the new stadium. Tailgating has been an integral part of the festive game-day atmosphere of college football at CSU and will continue to be so. The following tailgating guidelines have already been implemented at Hughes Stadium, and it is likely similar guidelines will be enforced for on-campus tailgating in designated tailgating areas:

  • The responsible and controlled use of alcoholic beverages will be permitted in tailgate areas as permitted by law. Security personnel will have an enhanced presence in the parking lots with the authority to evict fans that disregard the “zero tolerance” code or who violate any of the tailgating guidelines.
  • All beverages in possession must be in aluminum cans or plastic containers; no glass containers or kegs.
  • Tailgate parties must end 30 minutes prior to kickoff.
  • Fans are encouraged to decorate their tailgate spaces in a manner that is safe, in good taste, and add to the festivity of the event. All decorations must be removed prior to the game.
  • Bonfires, campfires, or open flame (excluding barbecue grills) are prohibited.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be brought through the stadium gates.
Will CSU sell beer at the new stadium?

Beer will be sold at the stadium under the same controls used at Hughes Stadium (wrist-bands, one-per-customer purchases — alcohol enforcement efforts also will remain the same). Alcohol is among the items that cannot be brought into the stadium. CSU has a zero tolerance policy for public drunkenness, rowdy behavior, fights, thefts, destruction of property, and throwing any item onto the field. This policy is enforced by both law enforcement and stadium security personnel. Any violation will be reason for ejection and/or arrest.

Will grilling be allowed at on-campus tailgates?

Yes, in designated areas and under a clear set of guidelines that will be established and published well prior to the 2017 opening season.

Where will I park on game days?

There will be a range of on-campus parking options on game days, including pre-purchased donor-only lots and day-of-game cash lots. For more information on parking please click here!

Where will Ram Walk take place at the new stadium?

The Ram Walk tradition will continue on campus with a scheduled team drop-off time and location, yet to be determined, allowing the team to walk from the north end of the stadium, through fans and game day pageantry into the stadium.

How can I make a donation to the on-campus stadium?

Every gift to the stadium will help us get this outstanding facility completed allowing us to bring our Rams home! Give online or contact the Ram Club offices at (970) 491-4666.

How will my current contribution to the Ram Club be affected by required per seat donations?

Making your Ram Club donation in advance of selecting seats is no longer necessary. If the seats or parking you select require a donation, you will donate during your seat and parking selection appointment time. More than 80 percent of the new stadium’s capacity WILL NOT require a per seat donation. All donors who make per seat donations will still be considered Ram Club members, and all per seat donations will still help to fund CSU Athletics operations.

If you have questions about the Ram Club and per seat donations, please call 970-491-2222 or email rampoints@colostate.edu.

Does my stadium gift count toward Priority Seating, Ram Club, or Ram Points?

A donation to the stadium will impact your status as an athletics donor in terms of Ram Points, which will be rewarded per policy for all giving to CSU Athletics. A stadium donation, however, is classified as a capital gift and therefore restricted to the funding of the stadium. This means a stadium donation will not cover the associated Ram Club Scholarship Seating donation requirements for season tickets and/or premium seat purchases in the new stadium.

What will the new stadium be used for besides football games?

The new on-campus stadium will be a multi-purpose facility, providing space for campus events and convocations, year round hospitality space for small gatherings and functions, additional athletics office and administrative space including new football offices and training space, and competition space for several sports. As part of our agreement with the City of Fort Collins, CSU has agreed not to have major events – defined as a ticketed event with an anticipated attendance of more than 12,000 people – for the first two years after the stadium is complete and to limit the number of major events to one in year three, two in year four and three in year five.

What are the football and events specifications (capacity, premium seating options, concessions, hospitality, and common space) of the new stadium?

The new on-campus stadium will hold a capacity crowd of over 40,000 people, including standing-room-only tickets. The stadium, for purposes of hosting football games and other events, will contain:

  • 22 suites, seating 16 people each (west stands)
  • 40 loge boxes, seating 4–6 people each (west stands)
  • 150 indoor club seats (west stands)
  • 800 outdoor club seats (west stands)
  • Designated student seating along the east side into the south endzone
  • State-of-the-art scoreboard and sound system throughout stadium
  • High quality WI-FI
  • Array of concessions choices in and around the main concourse level
  • ADA compatible with premium seating ADA options and access
Will the stadium be handicapped accessible and meet ADA standards?

Yes, the stadium will meet all ADA standards allow patrons and guests with disabilities to access and enjoy the game-day atmosphere.

What will become of Hughes Stadium?

As construction of a new stadium moves forward, CSU will begin the process of examining how to decommission Hughes Stadium when it is no longer in use.

Will I be able to hold events and conferences at the On-Campus Stadium?

Yes, the multi-purpose On-Campus Stadium is scheduled to open in the summer of 2017. There are a number of premium spaces that will be attractive beyond game days for companies, organizations, and the community. These spaces will have the ability to host events of all sizes and scope throughout the year.

How do I reserve space at the On-Campus Stadium?

For more information about hosting an event at the new On-Campus Stadium or to reserve a space, please contact Elodie Vigneron by email (elodie.vigneron@colostate.edu ) or phone (970)-491-8603.


When will the On-Campus Stadium spaces be available to rent?

Please check availability with the On-Campus Stadium Events Manager, Elodie Vigneron, by email (elodie.vigneron@colostate.edu) or phone (970)- 491-8603.

What's the address for the On-Campus Stadium?

CSU Multipurpose Stadium

751 West Pitkin Street

Fort Collins, CO 80523