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Stadium Voices

Allen And Kathy Brandon Support The President's Vision
Allen And Kathy Brandon - Vision Of Excellence
Anthoney Hill - Pride And Tradition
Anthoney Hill - Recruiting
Anthoney Hill - Student And Fan Experience On Campus
David Edwards - Coming Home For Gameday
David Edwards - Gameday Experience
David Edwards - Having A Stadium On-Campus
David Edwards - Tailgating
Donn Hopkins - Getting To Games On Campus
Donn Hopkins - Transportation
Dr. Albert Bimper - Excitement As A Former CSU Student-Athlete
Dr. Albert Bimper - Sharing With Family
Dr. Albert Bimper - Week-Long Enthusiasm
Gary Langlie - Connecting With Campus
Jen Fisher - Recruiting And Facilities
Jessica Wright - A New Fresh Breath
Jim Clay - Alumni And Schools On Campus
Joe Bohling - A Well-Rounded World Class Education
Joe Parker - Campus Experience
Joe Parker - Creating Memories
Larry Eustachy - Benefits To The University
Linda Hopkins - Total Day Experience And Wise Decisions
Linda Hopkins - Walking To Campus Games As A Kid
Lisa Clay - Academics Have Been A Main Focus
Lisa Clay - Connecting People To CSU
Lisa Clay - Energy of On-Campus Stadiums
Lon Saavedra - Bringing CSU Into The Top Tier
Lon Saavedra - Experiencing The Campus
Loren Crabtree - Bands And Tradition
Loren Crabtree - Finest Memory
Loren Crabtree - Opportunity For Academics
Loren Crabtree - Sense Of Pride
Mark Driscoll - Energy On Campus
Mark Driscoll - Former Student-Athlete
Mark Driscoll - People Will Come Back To Campus
Mark Smith - Gameday On Campus
Mark Smith - Synergy Between Athletics And Academics
Mark Smith - Tie To Athletics And Pride In University
Mary Ontiveros - Campus Stadium Story
Mike Bobo - Everyone Will Be A Part Of The University
Mike Bobo - Reasons To Be Excited
Nancy Kittridge - It Pulls The Community Together
Paula Edwards - Creating A Sense Of Place
Ross Thompson - Bringing Alums Back To Campus
Ross Thompson - We're Bringing Everything Home
Sam Guinn - Academics Vs Athletics
Sam Guinn - Student Access To Stadium
Sam Guinn - There's Nothing Like An On-Campus Stadium
Stadium Voices At Colorado State University
Susan LaRue - Recruiting Students And Faculty
Susan LaRue - Research On Student Retention
Susan LaRue - Tailgating And Public Transportation
Thad Smith - Bringing People To Campus
Tom Hilbert - Recruiting Benefits
Tom Hilbert - Growing Up With An On-Campus Stadium
Tom Hilbert - We Are All Better